Cerita Motivasi Diri

Posted: May 29, 2012 in my life

Story about motivation for our self.

A heap of animal fertilizer

Everything doesn’t be nice, like sit at the low ranking in ourt class, occure in life.  It all can be occure for every body. The difference between charmed person with people be oppressed only by manners of them to face misfortune.

Shadows you just have one of afternoon magnificently at beach together with your friend. When you back to you home, you obtain a heap of animal fertilizer in front of door in your home. There are three thing important to known about a heap of animal fertilizer.

  1. You don’t order that. This is not your fault.
  2. Your feel like all over of mind. There are not can see who that it heap at there. So you can’t call anybody to remove a heap of animal fertilizer.
  3. The fertilizer is dirty and the smell sting fill whole of your home. Really cannot be defend.

At this  imagery, a heap of animal fertilizer at front of your door in your home symbolize traumatic experiences which fall on our life. Like some thing with three of heap, there three thing need to know about tragedy on our life.

  1. We don’t order that. We says, ”why are we?”
  2. Our feel like al over of mind. No one, even our close friend can remove it( although they have tried)
  3. The tragedy is very offend, crush your charmed. And ill feel are appeared, frighten so far as our life. Really can’t be defend

There are 2 manners to respond the problem of a heap of animal fertilizer it. The first manner is carry the feces to every where together with us. We put a handful in pocket, a part in bag, and a part in shirt. Even we only put in jeans. We obtain, when we carry the feces t every where, we disappear a friend! Even the best friend don’t want again to near us.

“carry feces to every where” is imagery to situation disappear and depression, negative thing, or anger. That are a respond to face ordinary misfortune. But we disappear a many friend, because is ordinary thing if our friend dislike to stand near of us whom always feel depression. But also, with the manner, a heap of feces not to be diminish, but the smell will increscent spoiled because more baked.

Fortunately, there are the second manner. When we have a heap of animal fertilizer, we pull a breath, and after that start to slove. Take a wagon, a hoe, and a scoop. We hoe a feces and carry it to behind of our home , and tomb it in our farm. Certainly this is difficult and very tired, bt we know not have other choice. Sometimes, we only can solve a part of wagon on  one day, but we do something which solve a problem tah we just complain our self and disappeared on depression. Day to day, we hoe and tomb the feces. Day to day, the heap will be diminish. Sometimes, we need period time, but will come the bright morning where nothing else a heap of animal fertilize. The flowers in the garden will blossom with the beautiful colour. The scent spread until the road, so that the neighbor will smile with charmed feel because that.  Next the tree of fruit grow in every corner of our farm and the fruit is very sweet. You can’t buy the fruit like that. There are many fruit, so that we can give it to our neighbor, even we can give it to everybody who are pass in front of our home.Image


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